At Kinetic Energy, our specialty is health.

Using diet, nutrient therapy, corrective exercise, herbal medicine, lifestyle therapies, counseling and coaching; we educate and empower patients who want to become self reliant in their health care. We offer principles rather than formulas. There are no super-secret, magic solutions available or offered.

Typical concerns of patients include weight loss, endocrine (Thyroid being most common) disorders, athletic/sport performance optimization, post-rehab continuation, and injury prevention.

Over 20 years experience as a health and fitness educator goes into every patient's case. We go a step beyond treating you for your conditions and concerns. We teach you how to regain your health and what you need to do to keep it using a concierge approach.

When you are ready to accomplish your health and fitness goals we'll be here waiting for you!

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Our Mission

Kinetic Energy LLC exists to give you the tools you need to reclaim your health and get back into the game of life with enjoyment and grace.

In physics, energy at rest is called Potential Energy. As it begins to move and perform work, it is called Kinetic Energy. This practice is named for the action taken to realize one’s potential.

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