On Practice

Once you diagnosed my physical condition, you prescribed exactly what I needed to regulate my thyroid, help me quit smoking (really liked that “feel good” tincture), the amino acid that elevated my mood to “happy” status and all the other vitamins and minerals to help me get better.

Although I already knew I needed to eat healthier, exercise and get more socially active, I was not doing it.  I gave you excuses and expressed my fears and you gave me guidance and reassurance.  I remember one specific follow-up appointment; this would be the one that would motivate me to put all my efforts into sticking to my weight loss plan.  I recall standing on the scale and looking at your face as you said I had lost 6 pounds.  It struck me that your face truly showed sincere happiness and excitement for me….it was contagious.

Well, it all worked, I did everything you recommended and this completely transformed me from the person that I was at that time.  Today I am a completely different person from the one I was three years ago (physically, emotionally and socially).  I used to weigh 267 lbs and now I’m at 160 lbs.  I make very healthy and delicious food choices (chicken wings do sneak into the diet now and then), I’m addicted to exercise, which I do 4-5 times a week (oh yes…love the weights), and engage in various social activities… dancing classes, hiking (even did a ten mile hike), have lots of friends and I am always willing/confident to try something new.   I love the new me.  Wholeheartedly thank you.

~Elizabeth Machado

William took the time provide a detailed medical analysis and created a comprehensive nutritional plan tailored to my specific needs. I highly recommend his services.

~Cody Kelly

Dr. Franklin focuses a great deal on what we call “nature cure” which is the core essence of naturopathic care, and is something highly sought after in an ND physician. He is not just a “green allopath” who recommends glucosamine sulfate instead of Ibuprofen for osteoarthritis care. Will finds the reasons the joint is inflamed and painful, from diet, to lifestyle, to emotional state, gut health and so forth, and then removes the pain and condition through excellent patient communication and his treatment protocols.

~Dr. Mona Morstein, ND
Chair of Nutrition
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

…William is a man that people trust, who has a gift of keen insight into the thoughts and feelings of others. His broad experience as a personal trainer, combined with his knowledge of physical therapy and his ND credentials, have made him an ideal teacher for me. I am an old (53) marathon runner, who has had to go back to square one and rebuild. William has taught me how to do that in a way that has made me stronger, more balanced, and as a result my enjoyment of running, hiking, and biking has improved immensely.

~Alan Elam

Thank you for helping me down this path toward health. I have spent 45 years feeling like my head and my body are separate and to now be doing the work to feel that I am connected is so wonderful. And the most amazing part is that I love it- the workouts, the food I eat, the way I feel and look. I look forward to the journey of this work ahead as well. Your experience, guidance, and patience is a gift to me.

On teaching

As author and director of the 700 clock hour accredited Western Herbalism Diploma program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I have had privilege to have William on my teaching staff as well as view his work as part of the team at the Healing arts school as a whole. …

…William is an extraordinary teacher, healer, and mentor. His style is contemporary, participative, and broad-based. He exhibits the perfect personification of healer as guide, stimulating the individual to rise to their own greater-good.
~JoAnn C. Sanchez, RH (AHG)

I was completely unaware of what to expect from this class. 20 minutes into day 1 it was clear that I was going to enjoy it. The discussions were intriguing and provocative. Dr. Franklin presented ideas that absolutely stretched my ideas of holistic medicine.

This was one of the most fascinating classes I’ve had the privilege to take. The information presented was interesting, well presented and practical. Though I feel this class definitely progressed my understanding and skills as a practitioner, I feel it expanded me as a person as well. William presented interesting ideas and through exciting debates, made me question my previously held ideas. Through these debates I learned more about myself and defined my personal concepts more accurately. Best of all, William created a safe and inspiring environment that allowed for this growth.
~Jenn Williams

I thoroughly enjoyed how comprehensive the info was. The fact that you’re not stuck in one dogma and you are willing to explore all possibilities is extremely gratifying.

The information held my attention very well. You were engaged with the class, very open to the students’ questions and patient with their answers. This is the best class I have taken because of how real life you made it.
~Carrie Gray

Immediately I felt that I, along with my classmates, would be privileged to be one of his students. I often walked away with goose bumps and a new point of view. He shared his integrity and warm personality with us while professionally and clearly communicating each lesson. More than just lectures, his creative teachings and personal reflections were whole-hearted and inspiring. His spirit and humility were so refreshing. He coached us with the same positive principles he uses with his patients and truly did his best to help each of us to find the answers within ourselves. Getting to know him as a teacher and as a doctor, it is evident that his primary purpose is to share his passion for devoted, conscious living and transformational healing.
~Juli Cendroski

When the end of class neared it became obvious how much we had grown both on a personal level as well as collectively as a group. William helped us to see greatness within ourselves and pushed us to step outside of our own spheres of influence, and we never felt motivated out of fear. …

…William’s interpersonal skills have merit not only for his ability to communicate ideas but also for his listening abilities. He portrays genuine interest in the plight of those that seek him. He takes great care not to take on others burdens but rather expresses his concern and then meets them at their level of understanding. He is also deeply immersed in the Naturopathic philosophies of healing and is clear in his belief that we are all co-participants on a healing journey.
~Pete Maynard