Complimentary Consultation: Free 15 minutes

  • Meet in a public business such as West End Bakery or Izzi’s Cafe
  • Ask questions and find out what Naturopathic medicine is
  • Learn what to expect as a patient at Kinetic Energy
  • Determine whether we are a good fit for working together
  • All new patients must meet in this way prior to scheduling their initial intake

Group Consults

Periodically we invite our patients to meet at the grocery store to learn about labels and smart shopping.  Often we get together at Bent Creek or the Arboretum for a short hike.  Another popular option is for a patient to host a supplement consultation in which friends and family come to the house to hear a brief talk about what makes supplements high & poor quality while enjoying a potluck.  These are no additional cost and are open to friends and family of patients.  The information is good to know but the main purpose is really to introduce patients to each other and help them build a new peer group supportive of their health pursuits.  Always open to suggestion on new options…

Consultations are $100 per hour ($25 per 15 minutes)

Consultations occur in the patient’s home (preferably) or office.  Receive a targeted plan to address your current health concerns using natural therapies such as lifestyle counseling, vitamins, minerals, nutrition coaching, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and corrective exercise.  The in-home setting allows for much more specific coaching around nutrition and diet (kitchen/pantry access), home exercise alternatives or supplements to the gym setting and makes medications and supplements available for feedback (can’t forget to bring them!).  Patients are billed for additional travel time beyond the first 15 minutes.

The New Patient consultation is 2 hrs.  This appointment establishes you as a patient and includes a comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  All dietary, nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, exercise and lifestyle recommendations are based on this information.


Exercise Sessions are $45 per hour

One of the services we provide is expert program development, implementation and coaching for corrective exercise and for sport performance optimization.  Once you’ve gone through the New Patient consultation you will have a complete program written out for 12 weeks.  These sessions are for teaching you how to perform the workout as prescribed.  Typically, a new patient will have 12 instructional sessions in a 4 week period and then will follow the workout for another 8 weeks.  At that point a brief re-assessment is completed and the next phase of your program is implemented.


The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.             ~Vince Lombardi