Congratulations Andrea!

Just completed her first Tough Mudder race… 12 miles and 21 obstacles in 5 hrs. and 50 degrees!  Way to go!!

Welcoming Our Newest Team Member

What They Said

Check out this article here and this one here.  Treating the cause means addressing the lifestyle.  Everything else is just mopping the floor while the sink overflows!

Presenting “Exercise as Medicine” at 4th Annual CAM Conference in Asheville

CAM Brochure Final

Your Diagnosis and You

Having a diagnosis is like knowing your batting average.  The batting average isn’t the player, it is merely a description of the outcomes from a player’s previous at-bats.  It isn’t predictive […]


If you noticed you’ve been getting lots of practice blessing folks and brushing up on your German pronunciation of health, then you are already aware of the on-set of the […]


Asheville is a pretty active town. We tend to walk more than most Americans (I think) and we enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful hiking, biking, running, climbing and boating […]

9 Ways to Improve your Health at the Grocery Store

Diet is not simply about calories, in fact, calories are a minor concern when it comes to healthy eating.  Food is tied up with personal, cultural, and emotional influences. Eating […]

10 plants every athlete should know about:

Arnica montana (Mountain Arnica): use as a cream for muscle soreness with a bruised sensation.  Avoid contact with broken skin and with mucus membranes.  Use as an infused cream. Hamamaelis […]

America Runs on Prescription Meds: Diabetes

Last time, we looked at the odd paradox of how acid lowering medications begin to contribute to heartburn and many other problems.  This week we shift our focus to how […]

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