Do you have anything that’ll give me energy?!

Man, I wish I  had a nickle…

Usually this is followed up with a request for some kind of natural, healthy speed.  What I want to say is “Yes.  I do.  Go home, turn off the lights and the phone, lay down, go to sleep.”  What I actually say is, well, that is what I actually say.

People will immediately come up with a 1000 reasons they can’t fill that prescription.  They all basically boil down to “the world will come to an end and we’ll all die if I don’t stay awake doing stuff”.  Believe me, I was convinced for a very long time that the world would stop if I fell asleep before midnight!  Psst… it isn’t true.

The cold hard truth is, if you don’t have any energy it’s because you already used yours up.  You spent it all.  It is gone!  And you’ll only get it back in two ways… sleep and food.  When I say sleep, I mean uninterrupted, droolin on your pillow, dead-to-the-world sleep.  When I say food, I mean, a nutrient dense, calorically sparse, vegetable-based diet with adequate animal protein and essential fatty acids to meet all your needs (we can talk about this part later).

I really do not like to utilize upper-type/speed supplements in an effort to artificially accelerate your metabolism and keep you awake. This strategy is similar to whipping a tired horse until it runs faster. While it may work in the short term, it usually kills the horse and you find yourself worse off than before you started.  From my personal experience and from observing hundreds of patients and clients over the years, this is a recipe for disaster.
If you find yourself looking for a secret weapon that gives you energy and renders sleep obsolete, that is a very clear sign that you really need to… “Turn off the lights and the phone, lay down and go to sleep.”  Your health, your family, your co-workers, and your fellow humans will thank you when you wake up refreshed and rarin to go!
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