Stores I recommend

— Your resource for sustainably harvested wild fish, flash-frozen, and shipped to you!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com— full line of bulk herbs (from the company Earth Fare uses), teas, and natural self-care/cosmetics.  Set up an account and order wholesale!!

— If you are interested in top-of-the-line home gym equipment, this is the place.  Order the exact equipment the best trainers are using.  Also includes tons of how-to videos/dvds/books for everything from stretching and dumbbells to kettlebells and plyometrics.

Emerson Ecologics Medicinary— current patients may order recommended nutrient therapies and botanical medicines here.

My Amazon reading list— interested in building your health-promotion library?  Here are books and videos recommended for my patients, friends, and family.

Naturopathic Medicine

Environmental Medicine


  • Primal Body – Primal Mind— a great book and the website has lots of info to consider.  A must have for the health seeker and health preserver alike.
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation— I can’t say enough about the work of this foundation.  Enormous educational resource and links to small local farms and products to increase your health.
  • The Paleo Diet— A helpful resource for people who are stuck in low-fat diet mode.
  • Eat Wild— another great resource for local foods.  More directed toward grass-fed animals

  For links and directions to “local-to-you” food sources, where ever you are!  Save money, enrich your local economy, make new friends, and improve your health!  How cool is that?

Friends and Colleagues— blog of Sean Hesler.  Humanitarian. Naturopathic Physician. Medical Director. Husband. IT guy. Punk rocker. Naturalist. Photographer. Karateka. Gamer. Materialist. Teacher. Student. Contrarian. Friend.

Awesome SEO company in Denver— they provide SEO, social media management, and other web marketing services.