What is holistic weight loss?

It’s not just what you eat but also your relationship with food.  We make sure you move well before asking you to move a lot.  We address your relationship to yourself and in doing so reveal many of the self-sabotaging behaviors which held you back in the past.  We address the other people in your life that you’ll need to provide support as you move through this healing process.  We identify and address potential biochemical hindrances to your ability to lose weight healthfully.   We utilize strategies which take advantage of your hormonal responses to exercise and to eating so that your efforts are maximized, releasing you from the trap of calorie-focused exercise and diet plans.

 What do I have to do?

  1. You have to be ready to change behavior which is preventing you from your achieving your goal
  2. You have to show up to your appointments and make contact with your support every week, especially when you don’t want to
  3. You have to be open to learning things about yourself you don’t consciously know… the things you might consider to be positive, and the negative alike.
  4. You have to be determined to find what works for you and focus your attention there    

 What does the program entail?

It begins with a health history, lab work and a functional movement screen to identify early on if there are any medical reasons you can’t participate or that will affect the expected outcomes of your participation.  For example, do you have a low functioning thyroid?  Do you have a dysfunctional lunge pattern that makes walking, running or bicycling inappropriate as initial exercise choices?  Do you have poor digestion or absorption?  Do your medications affect your response to exercise or require changes to meal frequency?

You receive an overview describing where we will begin in terms of diet, exercise, and mental-emotional work.  This includes a method for dealing with learning opportunities… most people refer to these as mistakes or “falling off the wagon”.

Weekly follow-up appointments will be scheduled to check in, learn additional information,  share your insights into what is working for you, and receive your next week’s home exercises in each of the following arenas- diet, exercise, recovery, self-limiting beliefs and thinking, expanding your support, and utilizing support available to you.

At the end of the program, you have lab work run again to track progress in your biochemistry as well as your measurements.  You also have the opportunity to be added to a support team list for future patients going through the program.

 What doesn’t this plan entail?

We do not utilize upper-type/speed supplements in an effort to artificially accelerate your metabolism.  This strategy is similar to whipping a tired horse.  While it may work in the short term, it usually kills the horse and you find yourself worse off than before you started.  Our strategy is to rebuild your metabolism until it is able to perform as it once did and perhaps better than ever.

We do not utilize appetite suppressants.  Part of the problem with most of us is that we are out of touch with our physical body’s needs and rhythms.  Much of the learning process requires that we learn what physical hunger is, as opposed to emotional hunger, and begin to address each appropriately so that we stop overeating physical food.  If you ever find yourself needing to long-hunt for your food with sticks and stones, we’ll discuss hoodia and other popular appetite suppressants! 

Likewise, we do not incorporate carb or fat blockers of any sort.  This leads to various complications, based on which nutrient type you are blocking and it tends to kill the learning process necessary for lifelong behavior change.

How long is the program?

The intensive learning program is 6 weeks.  The process is lifelong.   At the end of 6 weeks, you’ll have the tools needed to continue making progress and/or to maintain the progress you made but the process of learning a healthy lifestyle continues.

Please call 480.232.1760 to make an appointment for a complementary 15 minute consultation to learn how to get started changing your life!