The Naturopathic Medical Model
  1. Good health is the constant and natural state of being
  2. Ill health is an adaptive, natural response to disturbance in the organism
  3. Removal of disturbing factors will create the basis for a return of good health
  4. Intervention should involve the least force necessary to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms

This model indicates that at every point in your life, you are in the best state of health possible based on your personal circumstances. That is how we operate as human beings. Always being the best we can be. Even ‘disease’ is the current best state of health available to you. Put another way. Despite what you may have come to believe about yourself, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You are working exactly as you are supposed to, even in the face of what may be some very unfortunate circumstances.

Knowing this little secret, naturopathic doctors work with you to improve your circumstances so that your state of health improves. This allows our interventions to be less dramatic, less heroic, more subtle and gentle. Not to say that everything will come up roses and sunshine. Frankly, the process of healing usually sucks for a while! It can hurt; it can make you smell and feel funny; it is usually at least a little disorienting; and it requires a lot of energy and intention to overcome years of habit- of thought, belief and behavior.

And then, suddenly it doesn’t.  You wake up one morning and discover that it is now more difficult and requires more energy to put the obstacles back in place.  You have new habits of thought, belief and behavior that are as easy to maintain as the previous ones had been, but these promote a greater level of health.

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